Environmental Initiatives

Environmental considerations have been critical to developing Acres Noosa as a key lifestyle complex for the region’s future and to ensure progressive eco-friendly thinking is embedded within best business practice.

The original building was transformed with new large skylights specifically installed to reduce the burden of electricity consumption (in addition to the installation of the latest in LED low power consuming lighting around the entire centre) and renovations were conducted in such a way that stopped large volumes of waste being dumped at landfill.

The expansive rooftops around Acres Noosa have been engineered for water harvesting thanks to a complex underground piping system and 10 mega capacity water tanks with the ability to hold 100,000 litres of water. The result is water being used onsite can now leverage Noosa’s annual rainfall, drought proof the garden centre and minimise the centre’s impact on the environment.

Acres Noosa is committed to innovative thinking and in practice is about being a socially and environmentally responsible, economically viable independent lifestyle and garden centre, showcasing the important role local businesses play in maintaining the beauty of Noosa’s natural environment whilst contributing to the local economy.


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